Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Found fabric

I went to my local Fabricland and found some fabric for skirts. They're renovating the store to put greater focus on the home dec fabrics instead of the fashion fabrics. They'll also be bringing in some new home dec stuff. The people I talked to there said that they weren't going to stop carrying the fashion fabrics, which is good. The other main fabric store in the area has almost completely stopped carrying fashion fabrics in favour of things like towels, pictures, and tables. So it's good that the Fabricland probably won't stop carrying the fashion fabrics. I wouldn't have wanted to go all the way to Mississauga/Toronto/London in order to find nice fabric :)

It looks like the skirt I'm doing is going to be a bit tricky - it's got a yoke that is pointed, so I'm going to have to set in those points. As well, I'll need to line the fabric I chose (it's white), and so I'll have to set in those points twice. I managed to get one of the three points done on the outer fabric, and it looks good.

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