Thursday, July 06, 2006

St. Jacob's

We went up to St. Jacob's today. It's a small community that has a lot of interesting stores on the main strip downtown, and it's only about a 10 minute drive north of my place. We spent most of our time in the Mill and the Village Silos - they're a few old buildings that had been converted to tiny shops. Vicki bought some stuff at these places :) There's a great model train exhibit; they've got all sorts of trains and stuff, and they've built an HO scale track there. They have a website outlining their progress here.

I paddled tonight as well. This time, I paddled on the right at the front of the boat (the position known as "stroke right"). I am much more comfortable on the right side, although I wasn't quite ready for the full race that we did :) I'm much happier with the practices I've attended this year - they're more demanding than the ones last year. I'll be paddling at the Waterloo festival on July 15, and it looks like I'll be paddling on the left at the front of the boat (in "stroke left").

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