Saturday, July 08, 2006

Whole lot of nothing

After yesterday's travels, we took it easy today. Vicki had had a headache for most of the last couple of days so she rested today. While she was resting, I worked on the jacket I've been sewing. I sewed the collar (it's a notched collar - the first I've ever made) and decided that I didn't feel like sewing the sleeves or the hem. It turns out that I made a mistake in the seam allowances on the front piece and so I'll have to face the hem to have it look right.

We went for ice cream this evening at the Grill. They have Stoney Creek Dairy ice cream (yummy!) and they make their own waffle cones while you wait. While eating the cones, we wandered around the University of Waterloo campus. We saw some cardinals and a mommy squirrel with 4 or 5 adolescent squirrels. They were very cute. The mommy was very glad to see us go.

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