Sunday, July 16, 2006


It was so hot today (35C or so) that we wanted to spend time in air conditioning. Since Ian isn't that fond of shopping, we decided to see some movies.

The first was The Devil Wears Prada. It was ok. Meryl Streep was fantastic, as were the clothes and the shoes. The story was a little weak, however. What second assistant gets to wear the clothes from the company wardrobe closet for free to work? Really, the best reason to see the movie is for the aformentioned clothes and shoes.

The second was An Inconvenient Truth (also known by me as Al Gore's global warming movie). It's the movie of Al Gore's lecture on global warming. While his statistics might be a touch skewed (he is, after all, trying to prove a point), the argument is compelling. I highly recommend this film, especially if you don't believe that global warming is a problem.


Anonymous said...

Glad you went to see these movies.
I also want to see them.

Anonymous said...

The globe is warming? Crap! I just thought I need my A/C fixed.