Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Vicki's gone

Vicki left for BC today :( I was very sad to see her go - it was really nice having her here. Aside from her being a good houseguest, we got to do fun things and hang out and generally enjoy ourselves. It was very soothing to have some family here right now. Her flight was early this morning, and so when I drove her there I got to miss the rush hour traffic in both directions. I also missed the truck that appeared to be on fire and the other truck problem :)

I worked on the blazer today. I made a mistake on the sleeves (my underlap turned into an overlap), and so I'll have to recut those pieces. I got the buttonholes and hem done, though. I'd done 5 of the buttonholes in white and then I realized that I wasn't happy with that colour. So I picked them out and redid them. I'm getting very good at picking stitching out... I'm not sure that makes me a better sewer, though :)

I've posted the before and after haircut photos here.


Anonymous said...


I miss making fun of your "textiles" and your knitting trips. Now I have a place to not only do so but to do so publicy!

I hope you got some good news from the doctor. I guess that would be more accurately phrased as "I hope you got some not so crappy news".

My thoughts are with you.


Chantelle said...


You suck :) Thanks for your thoughts.


Anonymous said...

You're sooo fired :-)


Chantelle said...

Oh yeah? Well, I quit... oh wait, I already did :P

If you fire me, then you can't just tell me to "fix it"