Monday, July 10, 2006

Ian's home!

We picked Ian up from the airport today. His flight was about a half hour late, which wasn't too bad. I'd expected his flight to be later due to the storms that we had around here today. Of course I also expected it to take extra-long to get to the airport due to the rain, but it didn't take much extra time at all :) It rained a bit on the way back to Waterloo - at one point, it was pouring while the sun was shining brightly - but it wasn't nearly as bad as we heard it had been.

We paddled tonight as well. One of these days I'll remember that I need to actually get out and do something like go for a walk or bike ride on the days I paddle (or bellydance). If I don't warm up that way, then my performance in the sport is very much sub-par. I was splashing all over the place and not twisting enough and generally doing very badly. Oh well - Thursday will be better.

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