Sunday, July 02, 2006

Comings and goings

Ian left for Barcelona today. We spent the afternoon at his parent's house playing keep away with the dog. She didn't like it when I kept taking her toy, but it's hard to take a small dog seriously when she growls :) We also played Brain Age on the DS lite. Apparently my brain is either in its 20s or 40s, depending on which exercise I do. :)

Ian's mom had a good point that one view of the delays in all the tests and stuff is that they must think that my condition isn't that serious or urgent. That is a good way to view these delays - I'll try that over the coming weeks.

I drove Ian to the airport, saw him enter the security area, and then settled down to wait for my sister Vicki. She was supposed to arrive at 8:30, but her flight was early. Vicki will be here for the entire time that Ian is gone. That's a pretty fair trade, I guess, although it's a bit of a shame that Ian left today, as it's our 6 year anniversary today :)

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