Wednesday, March 04, 2009

An unusual appointment

You know how sometimes I get a woogly back? Normally it happens when I'm tired or when I'm going through withdrawl on my fentanyl patch - and both of those events usually occur in the evening. Not today, though.

Instead, it happened this afternoon while I was in the chair at the dentist's. Sigh. It started when the hygienist used a drill-thing to do the scaling off the inside of my teeth. The sound of the thing really bothered me and then the woogles started. She ended up not using the thing partway through but by then it was too late - once my back starts woogling it's really hard to stop it, and by then it was woogling in earnest. By the end, she's do one tooth, wait for me to thrash around a bit and to finally settle, and then start working on a new tooth.

My fentanyl patch is due to be changed today, so maybe it wasn't working so well this afternoon. And I *was* a little tired; when I got home I slept for a few hours. Even so, I felt pretty silly there at the dentist. Most adults are perfectly capable of lying still while for half an hour - but not me, at least today.

What made the day better was realizing that America's Next Top Model cycle 12 started tonight AND that Fashion Television is having a free preview for the entire month of March! What an excuse to do a whole lot of nothing all month :)

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