Saturday, March 28, 2009

Movies, movies, movies

We watched Infamous this afternoon; it's the second of two recent movies about Truman Capote and how he wrote the book In Cold Blood, about two men who killed a family of four in Kansas back in 1959 while looking for money. The first movie was award-winning Capote, which we saw some time ago.

This movie was a biopic and included "interviews" with some of his society and other friends, which gave additional insight into Capote's character. This movie was also interesting in that it implied that Capote and the killer he was interviewing developed a very close (possibly sexual) relationship. As an aside, I must say that Daniel Craig did a fine job portraying that killer, and their kiss was awesome :) That man is an awesome  actor. The movie also implied that Capote didn't necessarily quote his sources perfectly accurately, but rehearsed them beforehand in order to get the greatest impact.

These two differences might be closer to the actual truth of what happened during and after the interviews. Not that the exact truth will ever be known, of course, given that these events occurred almost 50 years ago. Still, I'd rather see something more honest and closer to the truth than glossing over it.

We very much enjoyed Infamous and think it stands both on its own and as a companion piece to Capote. Both are worth seeing if you haven't seen them.

This evening we watched the final movie from our Ghost House Underground collection: No Man's Land: Rise of the Reeker. It's apparently a sequel or prequel to Reeker but we didn't feel we missed anything even though we hadn't seen the first moviewhich we hadn't seen but we didn't feel that we missed anything. It was an interesting movie where people wind up in a "time out of time" bubble together with a serial killer who was there to dispatch anyone there. The pacing was a bit slow but the concept of the movie was good. The dialogue and acting were pretty good, too. This movie didn't have too much gore, either, although there were some gory bits. If you like this genre, you'll most likely like this movie.

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