Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Last night's PRC

As you know, I've been watching Project Runway Canada. It's one of my favourite shows :) This post has some information about last night's show but I don't think there are any significant spoilers here. However, if you're the kind of person who doesn't want to know anything about a show before watching it, then you might want to skip this post until after you've seen this episode.

Still here? Ok.

On last night's show, the designers made dresses for women who'd had breast cancer; the dresses will now be auctioned off and all the money paid will go to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. This is definitely not my favourite breast cancer charity as they'd refused to accept money from a group of strippers who'd raised it in memory of a dancer with mets. Still, the fact that the money is going to a large, recognized charity is a good thing.

I was also very surprised to see that the women who'd had cancer weren't all older women. There was a young woman who'd had breast cancer at 27 and there was a woman who had metastatic cancer (although they didn't say this on the show). Unfortunately, at the end of the show, there was a message that said that one woman - sadly, the woman paired with the losing designer who had made the ugliest dress - had died after taping but before the show aired. A tiny bit of research dress auction site showed that she'd had mets and had died. How sad that she died before seeing herself on tv :( .

If I remember rightly, on season one of Project Runway Canada, dresses were auctioned off in support of Iman's favourite charity. I like that this show is giving to charity and wish other shows would do this, too. It's a way to give back to people and makes the television industry appear a little less selfish.

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