Thursday, March 19, 2009

I get to go to the conference

I received word today that my grant application was approved. I will be getting about $30 less than I'd asked for but I'm ok with that as that difference is practically the exchange rate.

I've registered for the conference and booked my flight. I have to book the hotel but the rate for the conference (which they'll pay half of) is higher than the rate online. I know I should just go ahead and book the hotel at the lower rate but I've contacted the grant person anyway to be sure that this will be ok. I'm going to get a room on my own and pay the extra; it's not that I don't mind sharing with someone, but in many ways I'd rather be on my own or with Ian.

I've started to be quite excited about going as I know some of the people that'll be there and we're making plans to have dinner Friday and Saturday nights. I arrive Friday at lunch so I'll have Friday afternoon to do a little bit of exploring. The hotel isn't downtown but in a suburb, I think, and that's ok - there must be things to do there.

This conference gives me a *reason* to sew me some clothes, and hopefully this will allow me to actually pick some patterns to sew. I won't be able to devote my full attention to sewing as I'm making the jewelry for the bride, but I'll have time afterward as long as I don't sleep all day and I don't surf the internet all the hours I'm awake.

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