Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring window shopping

For the first time in ages, I got to go to Stylesense to look at the shoes and accessories there. Because of the cane, I can't wear the awesome high-heeled shoes I love... so I'm on the lookout for awesome flat-soled shoes that I can fall in love with. I didn't find any today, unfortunately, but I did get a good look at the shoe styles.

There are a lot of very high heels - over 5" - out there. Of course these shoes use platforms, but the heels themselves are quite skinny. There aren't a lot of points of contact with the ground with these shoes. That's not to say that the woman wearing these shoes needs to worry about her feet slipping off of them; oh no. That woman's foot is strapped and laced and buckled in from toe to ankle (and sometimes to shin). No one will mistake these shoes for boots because the strapping and lacing and buckling gives a sort lattice (bondage?) effect. The open skin will also help to keep the woman's foot cool and comfortable while she's tottering around on these heels.

I also went into Fabricland and was, quite frankly, amazed at the gorgeous spring fabrics they had - and this is the one in Kitchener, which doesn't have the selection the others do! I used to have, "borrowed from my sister and never returned" a skirt that I loved - it was made of the softest, prettiest cotton with just a bit of body that I loved. Since then, I've been looking for fabric that felt like that and I found it for the first time today in Fabricland. There were other beautiful cottons and jerseys and drapey fabrics, too. I wish I had a specific project for one of those fabrics... they're so pretty.

Believe it or not, I didn't buy anything today... neither shoes nor fabric. If I'd found the perfect shoe or had a project in mind for some fabric, I would have happily made a purchase... but I didn't want to buy anything just to buy stuff. That's what eBay is for. :)

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