Friday, March 20, 2009

Pick one

It looks like a sewing pattern explosion happened in my sewing room. I didn't realize how many new patterns I have that hadn't been put away. They're almost all in bags now and they're all over the floor.

I probably would have left them all on the card table but I *still* couldn't decide what to sew. I thought that by organizing and sorting my patterns in the same room as my fabric, I'd be able to figure out what to sew and which fabric to use.

This plan didn't work as well as I'd hoped. I keep picking out these GORGEOUS evening dress patterns that I love so, so, so much... but I don't need evening dresses. They're gorgeous, and one of them will probably wind up being a dress I wear to a summer wedding, but I don't need any of them right now.

No, what I need now are spring day dresses. And I have a ton of patterns for spring day dresses. I have patterns for button-front dresses, princess-seam dresses, plain-front dresses, dresses with raglan sleeves, dresses with kimono sleeves (sleeves all in one with the bodice), short-sleeve dresses, three-quarter-sleeve dresses, dresses with straight skirts, dresses with a-line skirts, dresses with fullness in the back, dresses with pleated skirts, dresses from the thirties, forties, and fifties (and the sixties and seventies, but I'm not as interested in those dresses)... you see the problem.

Maybe I should just close my eyes and pick one. That would certainly waste less time.

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manchester fat acceptance said...

visualizes chantelle joyfully rolling around in a pile of patterns...