Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Finally, a use for surfing the interweb

A bride who lives in the region contacted me about doing earring and necklace sets for her bridesmaids. I'm very excited about doing this as I like custom work. The bride picked out the earrings she wants and I've been working on different necklace designs. I came up with one this morning that I like very much; it lends itself well to variations in case the doesn't like the first design or I have different numbers of beads.

The bridesmaids are wearing shades of turquoise and while I have some beads that are a similar colour, I don't have enough in the exact shades that I need. So I spent the afternoon looking for the right beads in a variety of places. I ended up copying pictures of different beads I was thinking of buying and looking at them side-by-side with the dress photo. I know that it's really hard to determine true colour on a monitor so I hope I got the right beads. I did get enough, and from different places, so that I have options. And if I have extras left over, well, that's ok because they're gorgeous. And a great colour.

I guess you might say that my internet surfing skillz finally came in handy today. :)

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