Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sparkly things

People who know me know that I'm attracted to bright and sparkly things. I love sequins, shiny fabric, rhinestones, and anything that would shine or sparkle under lights. I'm easily distracted by these things and love to collect them. I have a whole section of fabric that's silver, sparkly, and pretty, as well as sparkly beaded trims, rhinestones, sequins, and beads. It's not like I wear any of this stuff, though. I just collect it. Some have said that it's my Ukranian heritage that has made me like this and others think that I'm just like a crow, catching shiny things for my next.

I have another theory.

Tonight I was watching Benny Ninja on America's Next Top Model and did a little research on him and on the whose House and Ballroom scene in New York. Each House competes in a variety of drag queen competitions (Balls) to win trophies while also providing a kind of home for LGBT people, especially those who haven't got another home. There's quite a huge history on the Houses and their impact on the LGBT community.

Anyways, one article was talking about one person's sewing room, that had feathers and pearls and rhinestones and shiny fabrics everywhere... and that's when I realized it: I must have been a drag queen in a former life. I know I'm not a drag queen *now*, but I think I must have been one before. I can't think of a better explanation for my love of sparkle and theatre and spectacle :)

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uniquegeek said...

I found your web page on a google search for "sparkly things sewing" because I was thinking of sequins but couldn't remember the word. Thank you!