Sunday, March 22, 2009

To Toronto and back

The Oasis show, one of the bigger bead shows in the area, was on this weekend in Toronto. Originally, I wasn't sure I that was going to go to the show. I don't exactly *need* any beads and I have been spending money on patterns and fabric lately. On the other hand, I do have this bridesmaid order and although I have beads for it, I could use some others. You see, the bride didn't want a lot of sparkle (it's a beach wedding), so I could use some less-sparkly beads.

So I ended up driving to Toronto for the show this afternoon. I did spend a bit more there than I probably should have.... but I *did* spent less at this show than I've spent at any of the previous Oasis shows. That's practically the same as spending practically nothing, right?

Ok, it isn't, but I did get a good selection of beads for the bridesmaids. I got some gorgeous dyed mother-of-pearl that matches the colour scheme and has swirls that echo the ocean. I think they'll work perfectly. I also got some small apatite and moonstone faceted rondelles (like very tiny faceted donuts with small holes) to use as accent beads. Of course I bought some things for me, too :) I did pass up the graduated aqua chalcedony rondelle necklace as I really had no use for rondelles that big. It was so pretty, though.

I figured that since I was already in Toronto, I would stop in at Good for Her (may not be safe for work, especially past the home page). At the risk of TMI, you might remember that I have vaginismus. I've been meaning to go to this store because I thought they might have something that could help. I was right.

The store is awesome. One reason that I went today (aside from the fact that I was in TO; I'm in the greater area occasionally and could have gone another time) is that Sunday afternoons and Thursdays at lunch are designated for women only. I thought I might not feel comfortable going to a store like this if there were men there - especially since I was nervous - and I thought a women-only environment would be better for me.

The store is small but is well-lit and has a lot of product out on the shelves. The staff are very friendly and helpful and are quite knowledgeable about the products they carry. When I went in, they offered me tea or water, which put me at ease and also kind of helped to break the ice. I was comfortable talking to the staff about why I was there and what I needed and I would definitely go back there if I needed something else. I highly recommend this store; if you want or need the kind of product they carry, it's a great place to buy it.

The store also has a lot of different workshops for men, women, and couples. I've looked at those before; some of them look like they might be useful or interesting. They seem to be aimed at all different kinds of people. I think if I was to take a workshop or class like that, I'd take it from there.

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