Sunday, March 08, 2009

A lighter movie day

It's curling season! The fact that I can't curl right now doesn't matter since I still get to *watch* the Brier. That will definitely keep me/us occupied when we're not doing something else.

Fortunately, it being the weekend, tv channels show movies... and so we got to watch Clerks II. It's pretty funny, I must say. Yes, there are many silly bits with men who won't/can't grow up and there's lots of inappropriate statements, but after all that, it's still hilarious. Of course not much happens during the movie; these are movies about hanging out in a place and talking with friends, not about going places and tracking people down or anything. If you don't like Kevin Smith movies, you won't like this one, either, but if you do like his movies you'll probably love this one as well.

Tomorrow I get my Pamidronate. Yippee? Hopefully it'll go smoothly by which I mean they won't forget about me and they won't be running too late. I suppose it doesn't matter either way, but it's frustrating to be there waiting for a while only to find out that there's been a mix-up. 

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