Saturday, May 26, 2007

Working on my jewelry

We spent most of the afternoon looking for a card table for me to do my jewelry on in the living room. You wouldn't think that it would be difficult to find a boring thing like a card table, would you? There was this one at Linens 'n Things with 4 folding chairs for $100, and we had a 20% off coupon, so that would have been a good price. Our local Linens 'n Things didn't have them, though :( We ended up buying a folding camp table that's 2 1/2ft square instead. It's got slats, but it works ok. I think I'd love the other one we couldn't find, but, well, that kind of thing happens.

I am also thinking about the upcoming show. Three of us are sharing a 10ft square space. One person will bring a cover thingy for us to stand under, and the tables will be arranged around the front and sides of the space, I guess (unless it rains). I don't expect to get the front table, so I don't think that I'd get more than about 2ft at the front and about four to six feet up the side, which is plenty for me. I definitely want to differentiate my work from everyone else's.

I'm thinking of getting some garden edging things and maybe a wire obelisk for the back to hopefully make a statement. I'll definitely need to put some thought into this - even if people really do spend a lot of money there, I want to have a nice and elegant looking display. Any thoughts?

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