Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Purse and craft news

The purse has gone to its home now. I was kinda sad to see it go, because it is so beautiful. I hope the recipient will love it as much as I do. This purse turned out to be very gorgeous and very special, and I hope the recipient puts it to good use. It sounds like I'm giving up a pet, doesn't it? :)

I had ordered a whack of beads for $1 a strand from Fire Mountain a while back but I only got around to sorting them today. I got three strands of labradorite tubes and nuggets! It is such a beautiful stone because the greenish colour matches a lot of other things I have and the blue flash makes it so special! I know anything I make with these will be difficult to photograph. I think I also got a strand of white moonstone.... it's got an inner glimmer and softness to it that I associate with moonstone.

Speaking of photographs, I've got necklaces that have been photographed in the same way as the earrings. I'd like to keep the "spilling out of the vase" look, as I like it, but it doesn't work as well for thin silver necklaces - they get lost. Do you think a different background colour would work? Like a purple, or a blue? I have this problem occasionally with earrings; if they're white or ivory then they don't show up. I'm willing to introduce another background colour or two, but I'm not sure what tone or colour they should be. Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

How about a background of black or blue velvet?

Sandra Eileen said...

Oh, but I know you're happy to have the purse in a good home.

Love the Jet banner.

Darling Jee said...

The same purple as the purse :)