Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A friend of mine

I belong to different online breast cancer support groups. As much as I love the support these groups give me, it can be hard when things go poorly for the ones I care about or that I know sort of personally. In one of them, one of my close friends isn't doing well :( She was on hormonal treatments like me for almost 2 years and then she developed liver mets. She went on chemo but it hasn't worked. Her liver mets have progressed (gotten bigger) instead of getting smaller :( Now they're going to try another chemo in the hopes that it'll work.

I've never met this person; I've only ever 'talked' to her online and through email. But I consider her a friend because we tell each other stuff and I feel close to her. It's sad to think that her treatment is not working, and I'm sad and afraid for her. It's a scary proposition, this treatment failure thing. I really, really hope my friend responds to this next treatment. I hope she's one of the ones that gets five or ten years instead of just a few after diagnosis. I care for her very much and I want her to have a long, healthy life ahead of her.


Sandra Eileen said...

I feel for you and your friend that you have never met. I hope she takes a turn for the better and that you continue to do well.

Darling Jee said...

Yeah, I know what you mean. The part about being close to people you meet online but never in person. I spend a lot of time online these days and there are a number of people that I have shared things with that even some of my closest friends don't grasp the importance of. There's something about the interweb that makes it easier to confide. Perhaps the missing non-verbal communication thing.