Sunday, May 06, 2007

Almost finished...

I've finished the hand-beaded fringe on the purse!!!!! I loooooooove the way it looks. It's longish, which I like, because no matter what's in the purse, people will see mostly fringe and not the purse. I hope the person who's going to receive this purse likes that feature :) If not, I'll have to shorten all of the fringes, which I'd rather not do. I've also finished the lining, and am working on the beading on the top. This purse will definitely be finished tomorrow. Provided the fringe is good, of course :)

So that's basically all I've done today - work on this purse. I am enjoying the work, but I'll sure be glad to get back to working on other things. I'm looking forward to making more earrings and necklaces again.

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