Monday, May 14, 2007

Doctor's appointment and some shopping

I got to see my doctor today. All the tests that I did over the last few weeks are perfectly normal. My thyroid is normal (so my thyroid isn't causing my tiredness), my blood counts are normal - well, my white blood count and my neutrophil counts are low, but that's normal for me - and so I'm normal. Except for the pain, tiredness, and woogly back, that is.

My doctor is upping my Oxycontin for the next two days to be 120mg three times a day instead of 80, 80, and 120mg (my normal routine). This will, we hope, get the pain under control. I'll see him on Thursday to verify that my sternal pain is gone and we'll cut back the painkillers to normal then.

Once we don't have pain to deal with, he'll start playing with my other meds to see if he can make me less tired. He thinks that either the Cipralex or the clonazepam might be making me tired. I think he wants to drop my Cipralex dose - I don't think it'll make a difference, since I was tired with it at the lower dose and we're certainly not going to go below that.

Normally, my doctor would prescribe muscle relaxants to deal with my woogly back. However, I'm on clonazepam and wicked painkillers, so muscle relaxants aren't really a good idea. And taking them when my back is woogly doesn't help, anyways. Either way, he'll try and do something about that, too.

After one of the appointments today we went to a mall and I shopped around for a bit. I went into H&M and bought a couple of skirts. One of them was supposed to be $10 off, but I didn't realize that the person had rung it in wrong until afterwards. So I went back and said that it was supposed to be on sale. She ran around for a bit looking for some special tag or something and finally said that she would treat it as a refund and then have me repurchase the skirt. I'd paid by debit, so that kinda sucks; I'll have three transaction fees :(

What annoyed me, though, was that she asked me to fill in my name, address, and phone number for the return. I said, "but I'm not returning it; the price was wrong. I'm not returning the skirt." She said that they had to gather this information for the return slip. I said quite nicely, "but this isn't a return. The price rang through wrong and you're correcting it. I'm not returning the skirt. I'm paying the right price for it." She then asked me to print my name and I compromised by signing it instead. Sigh. This is one of the many reasons I don't usually shop at H&M.

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