Thursday, May 03, 2007

Getting ready for the show

Except for when I went to bellydance class, we spent the whole day getting ready for the show on Saturday. Ian took photos of the things that I've made and not photographed and he made all of my earring cards!!! I really appreciate all of his help because without him, I wouldn't have time to get everything done. His help means that I'm not as stressed about finishing everything as I would normally be at this point.

My original idea for earring cards for the display didn't quite work as planned so Ian engineered another solution. I'm quite pleased. I don't have stud earrings and so all of my earrings hang free from the card. I have rubber backs for all of the earrings and the card design is such that people can get the card and earring off of the display but it won't be easy to steal them.

I made all of four necklaces. I'm still new at making them, technique-wise, if it doesn't involve chain or a toggle clasp so it took longer than I wanted it to. I'm pleased with the ones that I made, though.

Tomorrow I am getting up early and working on necklaces (plus maybe one or two pairs of earrings :) until 1pm. After that, I'll get everything ready for the show, including a sample display. If there's time afterwards, I'll make more necklaces and/or earrings :) I'm not going to count on there being time, though, as these things take longer than you might think. I have to number all of the earrings on their cards to correspond with their bags. The composition of each piece will be on the bags. I'll stick a label on the earring card with the prices.

The show itself is being held at the Pauline Johnson Collegiate in Brantford from 9:30am to 3pm. It'll be a short-ish day, but I'm sure it'll feel like forever to me. I hope I sell some things. I'm starting to get nervous and excited :)

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