Wednesday, May 09, 2007

More on colour

As you can see by the banner above, I have joined the Jewelry on Etsy Team. I have to add a tag to all of my jewelry :) I'm hoping that the team will be used to help promote our collective jewelry outside of etsy.

Thanks for your suggestions about another background colour for photographing light-coloured jewelry. I'm already using black velvet to photograph my hanging earring pictures, so I don't think I would use black velvet for the other ones. I would consider purple - especially since I have purple fabric left over from the purse. If I can use things I already have, that's better :)

The most important picture is the first one that shows up in the search engine and is the one you see in the shop. People who have good photographs of their jewelry on etsy do not necessarily use the same background colour for every piece, but use colours that somehow all work together because they're the same tone, hue, or saturation. So I'm thinking that if I use a colour other than white, then it might not look cohesive to use white in the photos. I'm not sure. I might need to sit down with a colour wheel and see. I do have deep rose, deep green, and deep purple fabrics, but I might want a yellow, too, if I used those so that the photos didn't get too dark. What do you think? What do you think is the maximum number of background colours I could use? And what should those colours be?

In very sad news, a former colleague of mine from my current company has died. He was admitted to the hospital on Saturday and was diagnosed with leukemia. It seems that he was bleeding into his brain; he died 4 days later. In that time, his second child was born, but he never knew her because he was in a coma. He was 31. I'm so tired of cancer.

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Greg said...

That is awful. I didn't know him, but his in-laws are my Mother's neighbours.