Monday, May 28, 2007

Quite a day

Ok, the pain is back. Sigh. I am a little tired of being in pain, I'll tell you. I was talking to the person at Well-fit, and she strongly urged me to talk to my oncologist since the pain is still spiking even after increasing my Oxycodone usage by 80mg/day (from 280mg to 360mg). I wish the pain would just go away... I don't want to have to involve my oncologist.

However, the guideline for calling the oncologist about something is that the "something" has to be going on for at least two weeks. The pain has been there for over two weeks and it's still bad. There's a gut feeling thing here, too; I do feel like I need to talk to the oncologist, although I feel a little stupid about it. I'm hoping the pain is just a result of cell death or something.

I had lunch with my former team at work because two people are leaving the team. A new person has been hired; he doesn't know what he's in for, and he seems like a pretty strong person. I expect him to be frustrated soon enough. I will miss the person who's leaving the company; he was a real asset to the team and to the company. Our manager didn't see it, though, and cancelled the projects this fellow was working on. I've no idea why this happened, but it's a typical thing for my manager to have done.

There are a lot of problems on that team, and they pretty much all stem from the manager and his lack of leadership. Don't get me wrong; he's a nice guy and very caring about his employees situations, but he lacks leadership skills. My manager's boss is also to blame for this mess; he's ignored the signs so far and hasn't investigated what's going on. I hope that things change there.

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Anonymous said...

I hope you feel like you can call your oncologist when you need to... chronic pain is serious, and I would like to see it better managed by your Drs. Maybe my hopes are too high, but I want you to feel better. Sending you love and hugs,