Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A lazy day

I didn't call the oncologist today because we were in Mississauga for the day. I'll call tomorrow, though. All I really expect is that they'll do the tumour markers. I just want the pain to go away; it's been bad again today, and I'm getting tired of taking percocet and feeling gritty and fuzzy-headed.

I didn't feel the creative urge to make stuff today, so I didn't get a lot done. I'm afraid that I won't have 120 pieces for the show :) I have about 80 pieces right now, though, so there's no reason to think that I won't have about 100 pieces for the show. That should be enough, I hope :)

Tomorrow they're going to be cutting off power to our neighbourhood for some number of hours between 9am-1pm. That is not exactly what I had in mind for tomorrow - sigh. I'll have to get up early to get coffee made, and I hadn't really wanted to be up early. I'm quite tired.

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