Sunday, April 29, 2007

A typical Sunday

A while back I was having problems after I ate where my stomach would hurt. That happened again today. I'd forgotten just how much my stomach could hurt in that situation. I hope that this trend doesn't continue; I take Nexium for it, and if it still ends up being and issue for the next few days, I'll have to see my doctor. Like I don't have enough reasons to see him :)

We watched recordings of Drive, a new show on tv. It's pretty good; it's about an illegal cross-country race across the US. It looks like it'll be good. While we were watching tv, I made beaded fringe. I thought it would take less time than it has been taking. I am making progress, thank goodness, and it looks gorgeous. I'll be glad to be done.

We also spent a bit of time getting some things for the show. I bought some small paper bags in which to put my sales as well as a receipt book thingy. I got some labels, too, for the price. I'm excited about the show - I can hardly wait! I wonder how my things will be received? I'd love to sell out; that would be cool. Then again, I'd have to get busy and make more things for etsy. Selling out is pretty unrealistic, though. My goal is to cover my costs of the show only. If I do that, the show will be a success for me.

If I like this show, then I'll think about doing another one. Maybe :)

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