Monday, April 30, 2007

Sales and cars

I sold my first pair of earrings to someone I don't know!!!!! Well, the person approached me and asked if I'd trade a pair of earrings for stuff in their shop. So while I didn't make any money on the deal, I did get some new supplies :) I appreciate everyone's support in helping me with my jewelry. It's a big step to have some unknown stranger on etsy with like 400 transactions want to buy/trade with m. I suppose it's going to take a while before someone else buys something, but I feel like I'm on the right track!!!!

Seriously, I have been pretty successful in selling my earrings. I've sold 28 pairs since the end of February (in two months). I've spent a LOT more on supplies :) Still, I'm pleased with the positive response to my creations.

In less positive news, someone slashed a tire on the Mazda (our old car whose lease is up in July) and two other cars in our parking lot. Sigh. It cost us $225 to get a new tire, which, according to the policeman, was a too much. We did file a police report and contacted the landlord. I'm really annoyed by this. I remember hearing some people outside louder than usual on Saturday night (when the vandalism occurred), but I figured it was just people... not hooligans. Of course two of the cars with slashed tires are in poorly-lit areas, and I'm pretty sure that our landlord won't be rushing to light them. It would also make sleeping more difficult if it was brighter.

We live in an ok neighbourhood, and it bugs me to think that people are doing vandalism like this. I feel kind of violated, in a way, and I'm certainly angry. Who wouldn't be? How can stuff like this be stopped?

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