Monday, April 16, 2007

Thinking about the upcoming show...

So now that Ian's fixed up all the cable, we now have tons of digital cable channels. Apparently it matters where the splitter is located... who knew? :)

I've fallen back into my "normal" sleeping routine, which means that I'm getting up 12-14 hours after I went to bed. Well, I won't get to do that tomorrow, because I'm seeing my doctor at 11:30am, but I've been doing that the last few days. I'm feeling a lot better - less hyped up, MUCH less depressed (ie no more bad thoughts in my head), and well-rested. I'm still creating things and working on the custom purse.

I'm starting to try to make more earrings (and maybe necklaces?) in preparation for the show May 5. I need to figure out a way to display my earrings. I think I want to use business cards (ie punch holes in them and hang the earrings from them) - that way, I can write the price, title, and composition on the back. But then how do I hang everything? Hmmmm. Maybe I need things that are smaller than business cards - you know, like "normal" earring holders you buy at the store - with Angelstuff on them and the pertinent information on the back. Then maybe I could string cable or something across a fabric-lined open 3-sided cardboard box thing and hang them that way? I don't have that many pairs of earrings, so I don't want anything too big.

I was reading somewhere that a person should take about 10 times as many pieces as it cost to get in to the show. I'm paying $12.50 for my part of the table (it's 4ft long and maybe 2ft wide), so that means that I should have 125 pieces. Eeep. I don't have that many. Including the ones I haven't posted to my store, I have about 32 pairs. And no necklaces. I'm not going to panic, though, because I can't afford to. And besides, the custom purse order has to take priority - right now, I'm spending the afternoon working on it and the evening working on earrings, but when I can I'll bring the purse and work on it in the evenings.

I'm going to go to the Creative Sewing and Needlework Festival this weekend; I hope to get some good display ideas :) I'll make sure I have a pen and sketch pad with me.


Mrs.Kwitty said...

Hi! I found your blog on the forum thread on blogs today. I've said a prayer for you in your struggle with the cancer.
I wanted to point you to this blog
She has listed a whole bunch of cute and creative ways to store your earrings--I'll bet one of those ideas would work great for an earring display in your upcoming craft fair.
Smiles, Karen

Chantelle said...

Thanks very much for the link! I'm checking it out now, and I'm looking forward to getting some tips. :)

Take care,

Sandra Eileen said...

I wish you well in your fight to be well. And I like the idea of displaying earrings on business cards. I punch little holes with push pins. Very cute.

Would you be interested in trading blog links? I just added yours to mine :)

Anonymous said...

I ship my earrings on business cards usually, so it makes sense to display them that way. It would also be good for storage (as in, better than my current jumbled box of finished pieces, teeheehee).

You could bend over the top edge of the card and they would probably hang fairly well onto wire or string.

You could string wire/thread across a display board thingie - one of those 3-fold doohickeys for science fairs, etc. Just an idea.
Somepeople also do flat trays, but I think that has less visual impact than a vertical display.

Good luck and have fun planning!