Monday, April 23, 2007

Custom work and more etsy

I've been working on this custom purse for the last little while. You can see some information about it here - the second photo shows the colours and fabrics I'm using. The design is subtly different from the first sketch, because I realized that some things wouldn't work well as originally planned. Anyways, I've started both the top beading and the fringe and oh my goodness this purse is beautiful. I can hardly wait to finish it, and I know I'm not going to want to give it to the person who commissioned it :) I did undercharge the person who commissioned it, which is a bit of a shame, but I'll consider this a bit of a labour of love.

Etsy is starting to work a bit better now although they've still got a lot of work to do. Apparently they had planned out the upgrade and did charts and everything, but all that planning wasn't enough for it to work well. I know how things can go wrong - I remember a revision control system that went down for 12 or 16 hours and we couldn't fix it. Of course the administrator (I was the handy assistant) wasn't skilled in the art of administering this particular system and had made some crucial newbie mistakes at the beginning :)

I can't help but wonder if maybe the technical folks at etsy need some more training to manage the complex system they have in place now. If they do, I hope they have a big training budget for the next year :) I know they're working hard and doing the best they can; I just wish I knew that their best was a trained and/or experienced best. Either way, I'm sure the system will be back up and running well soon enough.

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