Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Craft ideas

Ok, I'm still excited about my treasury :) Oh! I got a spot on April 25th's Showcase, too! Check it out :)

There is a trend happening where people create treasuries where if you buy something from one of the featured sellers then something of yours can be featured. Personally, I think the spirit of the treasury is to curate items for a collection - it's to sift through all the items and find things that either apply to a theme or appeal to you. Treasuries that meet that criteria and have superb photos can be featured on the front page. I'd like one of my treasury creations to be there :) .

Ian and I went looking to find some things for the craft show. We found some plate holder thingies at Pier 1 at 75% off (so $5.50 each) that will be perfect. They're black, very elegant, and very simple, which is what I wanted. I didn't want the display fixture to overwhelm my jewelry, and I think the choice we made today was a good one. I'm really happy that we were able to find something from which I can hang both necklaces and earrings. Plus it was super-cheap, so if it turns out that I don't like them or I find something better, well, I haven't wasted too much money. :)

I've decided that I won't use my business cards for the craft show because they have the wrong proportions and too much writing on them. Instead, I'll create small cards (like the standard earring cards) and use them instead. Of course I'll put business cards with every sale, however many those are :) .

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Sandra Eileen said...

Good luck at the show, and it does sound like a good idea to have a card without so much writing on it.