Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Test day, and more craft show thoughts...

Over on the side there I've added some blog listings for etsy artisans. There are a lot, aren't there? :) Many of these people talk about their art in their blogs, and some (like me) talk about everyday life.

Today I saw my family doctor and we confirmed that I am doing much better. Yay! He's very happy with my progress.

I also did a couple of tests today. First I had my bone mineral density test, which measures the density of my bones. Because I have no more estrogen in my body, I'm at very high risk for osteoporosis. I've been having these tests for a few years and things have been ok. We'll see how this one comes back. I also had my annual mammogram today. Well, it's my 2006 mammogram five months late, but whatever. I don't think my oncologist cares whether or not I have a mammogram, since I'm stage IV; it's like the horse is already out of the barn. My family doctor still wants me to get one each year, though. It was really painful; they called me back for an extra film on my surgery side and it hurt like crazy. At least I think they got the entire area in the film.

I'm still thinking of display ideas for the craft show. Ian suggested a stepped display, sorta like stairs for the earrings. I'm not sure. I'm reading forum posts on etsy and people have great suggestions. Some people are suggesting things like window screening and that kind of thing. The only thing is, I really do want to be able to a) keep my earrings together, b) have the stones in the earrings easily identifiable, and c) keep the price visible. The second item is very important to me as I can't always remember the stones :) I know most of them, but in a pressure situation I might not remember. I guess I could number the earrings and keep the titles and stones in a reference book. That might work.

Anyways, I do appreciate ideas for my setup - please feel free to leave a comment or email me with suggestions. Thanks :)


Darling Jee said...

Why do these stupid things hurt so much and how come men don't have to do an equally painful and humiliating and horrifying test? It's not fair. Hmph.

Unfortunately I'm not creative enough to contribute to your display ideas but I'm sure whatever you come up with will be great. Don't forget a couple of small mirrors and some good lighting so people can see what they look like next to their ears. I have some you can borrow for the show.

Anonymous said...

i looked on ebay, and there are a few canadian sellers with display components for cheap:

earring screen:

antique rack:

new rack:

hope it helps!