Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bellydancing again!

As you can see below, I got another treasury. I like it, but then I like swirly things :) I am still in the Mother's Day Showcase until 12am April 20 EDT, so I'll be there for another hour or so. I sold some things today which makes me very happy :) I've got more stuff that I've been making as well, so I'll post some of those items in my store.

I started bellydancing classes today. I'm taking a technical class to focus more on my technique. My belly hurts from using it so much :) I thought I had a strong belly before, but I guess I didn't :) This was the first class where my lower back didn't hurt after class. I think this is because my back and stomach are both stronger than they used to be and so I can maintain the correct position.

Someone I used to work with is in my bellydance class. I think she still works at the company. I hope that people don't question my bellydancing much - as in, if she can bellydance why can't she work? There are a lot of reasons why I can't work. I bellydance to stay sane.

I'm still thinking of how to do my displays for the craft show. I'll also need something to identify my shop.... this is complicated :)

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Darling Jee said...

Perhaps if they paid you to belly dance for an hour every week? ;) Just kidding. I would hope that nobody would question it. It's not like you're skydiving or climbing. Have you seen Rachel Brice on youtube? She's amazing.