Sunday, April 15, 2007

Digital tv

We bought a digital tv box today, and now we have digital tv. We had bought an HDTV-ready tv a while back, and we've been sort of thinking about upgrading to digital cable. The box is on sale at one of the stores here; Ian ran the numbers, and it looks like a good deal for us now. Sweet :) The timeshifting will be very useful when we either forget to record things or we need to record two things that are usually on at the same time.

This means that I need to learn how to use a new remote. Ian asked me to switch over to the DVD player one day, and he handed me the DVD remote. I stared at it blankly - I had absolutely no idea how to use the remote. None of the buttons even looked familiar. Sigh. I could do without this particular side effect.

I also bought myself a new tackle box in which to sort my beads. It's larger than the old one and I didn't even take up all the room I have! I was having trouble finding homes for all of my beads which meant that I couldn't find them when I wanted them. Worse, it meant that I forgot what I had and so couldn't be inspired by my beads. A lot of the earrings I make start out with a bead that I like, and then I find other beads that I like with it. so I managed to make some earrings today :)

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