Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sleeping and movies

I don't know what's wrong with me, but I got up at 8am, went back to sleep at 10am, and slept until 3pm. So I got about 14 hours of sleep and I know that I could have slept more if Ian hadn't woken me. Part of it is probably the icky weather, and part of it is probably that I have had an unsettled tummy for the last couple of days.

We stayed in tonight and took it easy watching movies. The first movie we watched was For Your Consideration, which is a Christopher Guest movie. If you don't know Christopher Guest, he makes satires of real-life situations. His films are usually quite funny. "For Your Consideration" was panned by the critics but we both thought it was funny. I think even if you aren't familiar with Christopher Guest's style of filmmaking you would find it funny.

The second movie was Stay Alive, which is a horror movie based on a video game. Basically, the premise is that the lines between the game and reality are blurred. The movie and effects were pretty good. There were some torture situations and violence, of course, but the movie was quite compelling. I stopped doing the hand-beaded fringe while we watched this movie so that I would know what was going on. I'd recommend this if you like video games.

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