Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

The Easter bunny came and left yummy chocolate that I've already eaten :) We're home now, enjoying ourselves. I managed to make a few pairs of earrings over the last few days and I'll try to make a necklace in the next few days. The custom work takes priority, but the first part of it is done downstairs during the day. When it gets to a point when I can work upstairs, I'll be able to work during the evening.

My treasury on etsy is up until about 7pm EST Monday, April 9. It's a collection of things that I like, so please feel free to have a look at it. They're expensive things, of course :) The usual rule is that when setting up a treasury, you don't include your own work. So I won't include my purse even though I think it should be there. :) I changed a few items, so if you look at it now it'll look different than it did before. I especially like the way the colours look now.

I'm feeling a bit better today. I managed to get out for a walk which helped. I'm still going to call my doctor tomorrow to make an appointment to see him.

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