Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Shop until we drop

My niece and I went shopping out at West Edmonton Mall today. I don't usually go there when I'm in Edmonton because I grew up with the mall so it's not a big attraction for me. However, there are some stores there that aren't found anywhere else in Edmonton, like Sephora, Zara, anthropologie, and Victoria's Secret, and I wanted to shop at these stores.

Fortunately, all of these stores were in the same general area around the ice rink so we didn't have to go through the entire mall or go back and forth through it. And boy did we shop! I bought something at almost every store we went into, which is unusual for me. I might have spent more than maybe I should have, but I needed everything I bought. Even the makeup.

One of my favourite purchases was a 7"x9" sketchbook with a soft turquoise suede cover that has gorgeous gold foil design on it. It's soft and beautiful. The therapist had recommended that we get a sketchbook and use it and I'm looking forward to using this sketchbook. I'd have bought more of them but this was the last one in this size that the store had.

I had a great time with my niece, looking at this and that in all of the stores and chatting about stuff. I was happy that she went with me because I enjoyed her company and we both had fun. I wish we both had more time to spend together but I'm running out of days here and she's busy with school. I'm grateful for the time we were able to spend together, and I'm very much looking forward to seeing her the next time I'm here.

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