Saturday, January 15, 2011

I should have listened to Ian

Ian likes to joke that I'm a baby who can't take care of herself. It's sort of a joke based in reality because I don't always make good decisions, sometimes I don't think things through completely, and I'm a bit clumsy. Of course I like to think that I'm not a baby who can't take care of herself or her things, but sometimes Ian's right. Case in point: my kindle.

I like to in the bath and when I got the kindle, the rule was that I had to put the kindle in a ziploc bag so that if I dropped it in the bath, it wouldn't get wet. Ian made up this rule because the kindle isn't free and because I've been known to drop a book into the bath and sometimes to dip a corner into the water. It happens when I get sleepy in the bath and start dozing and my hands let go of the book they're holding.

For some reason last night I figured that I didn't need to put the kindle in its ziploc bag. Even though that's the rule, I haven't always done it and hadn't dropped or dipped the kindle into the water.

You know where this is going, right?

Yes, I dropped the kindle fully into the water last night. I pulled it out right away and dried it as best I could. I told Ian this morning and he managed to open it up and there was still a lot of water inside. Sigh. We left it out to airdry and right now it's sitting in a tightly closed container with rice, which will hopefully draw out the water. It would be better if we had those drying agents that you find in shoeboxes but we didn't have any, and the rice is supposed to be a good substitute.

There's about a 50/50 chance that the kindle will work again. If it doesn't, I'll have to order a new one. No matter what, I'm never taking my kindle into a bath again unless it's in a sealed ziploc bag. I've learned my lesson.

Ian is not impressed and I've done nothing to make him think that I'm not a baby who can't take care of herself or her things... in fact, I think I've reinforced that perception in both of us. Next time, I'll listen to Ian and do things by the rules. It's definitely the less expensive and less embarrassing option.

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