Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Exciting day

My replacement Kindle arrived today! I charged it up as soon as it warmed up and spent some time getting all of my books downloaded and sorted. There are a couple of books that I was interested in reading before I wrecked the old Kindle and I'm looking forward to reading them. My old Kindle never did come back to life, even though we tried to dry it out. I've definitely learned my lesson about taking care of my things.

This afternoon we had some insulation added to the attic. When we bought the new furnace we had an energy audit done on the house and one of the recommendations from that was to increase the insulation in both the cathedral and regular ceilings. We'll book a second energy audit to determine how much energy savings we'll get  between the insulation and the new furnace. We'll also get some money back from the government for making our home more efficient.

Between learning to take care of my things and getting things done for the house, I feel like I'm starting to grow up. And here I thought I'd get to be a kid forever. :)

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