Friday, January 14, 2011

Movie night returns

For the first time in I don't know how long, we went to our friend's place to watch a movie. I was a little nervous going there because there were several other couples going and I'm still not totally comfortable in groups. I feel emotionally delicate and fragile and being around a lot of other people can be overwhelming for me, even if I already know everyone.

I did breathing exercises to calm myself down (and to stop whining) on the way there so by the time we arrived I was ok. We watched Dinner for Schmucks, a comedy about an executive (Paul Rudd) who is invited to a dinner where each person brings one "idiot". The executive doesn't really want to go, but then he meets the perfect idiot (Steve Carrell). Hilarity and wisdom ensue.

The movie was quite funny and had lots of hilarious lines. We were all laughing and giggling throughout the whole thing. I wouldn't have rented it but watching it for free suited me just fine. If you like the comedy of Steve Carrell, you'll like this movie.

It was good to get out and laugh with people for a few hours. Part of me wanted to hide at home instead of going anywhere but I know that I can't hide at home forever. I have to get out and be with people and do things for fun outside the house for my emotional and mental well-being; going to tonight's comedy movie night was the perfect small step in the right direction.

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