Monday, January 24, 2011

Project Runway 8 in Canada

Project Runway season 8 started airing on Slice network in Canada a couple of weeks ago. The season was fairly controversial when it aired in the US, with accusations of significant meddling by the producers as well as behind-the-scenes chaos.

There were also some format changes: one significant change was extending the show to ninety minutes from the previous sixty minute show. Last season, the half-hour Models of the Runway aired right after Project Runway in a ninety minute block, but Project Runway itself was only an hour.

Last season, Slice aired both Project Runway and Models of the Runway in one ninety minute block. Yet for some reason, instead of airing the full ninety-minutes of each season 8 episode, they've cut the show down to sixty minutes. Worse, the first half of the show alternates between four minutes of show and four of commercials, cutting the original content even further. Why would they think that this was a good idea?

I'm mad. If I could watch the show when it's first aired in the US, I would. If I could watch it on one of the approved online sites, I'd do that, but being in Canada it isn't available. So I'm stuck with watching the butchered Slice version and it's just not good enough. I've written to them to complain but I don't expect that to make a difference. I'm just one voice.

At least my mom had downloaded that last season and wrote them out to DVD, so I'll be able to watch it as it originally aired. I'm not sure what I'll do if there's another season of Project Runway. Maybe it's time to give up the show... either way, I've given up watching it on Slice.

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