Monday, January 17, 2011

Golden Globe Awards

Last night the 2011 award season began with the Golden Globe Awards. Of course I watched the red carpet coverage, because the dresses are my favourite part! I think that the majority of the red carpet dresses were white, grey, or nude but we'll know that for sure tomorrow when I post my red carpet review.

I tried to watch the entire award ceremony itself. Really, I tried. I've heard that some people loved the show but it just didn't appeal to me at all. Part of the reason for that was probably that I wasn't emotionally invested in the results; I just didn't care who won. I watched the Primetime Emmy Awards and many of the winners there were nominated here. I'm sure that many of the films that were nominated here will be nominated for the Academy Awards. Some might wonder what the point is in having these separate award shows that cover the same shows and movies.

I might still have watched the whole show, but then Justin Bieber appeared and co-presented the award for best animated film. Since when does appearing in one CSI episode make him qualified to present an award at the Golden Globes? His appearance was a little too trendy and obvious and I didn't think he belonged there. Honestly, I'm a little tired of everyone jumping on the Bieb-wagon and I'm definitely tired of seeing him in non-singing situations, so I turned off the tv after his appearance.

I might have felt a bit differently about the show, or at least not so annoyed by Justin Bieber's appearance, and I might even have kept watching if I'd enjoyed watching the host, Ricky Gervais. Unfortunately, his opening bit and many of his later comments were unfunny and fell flat. The crowd didn't applaud or laugh much at most of his comments so I don't think I was alone in disliking him as the host.

It seemed like Gervais was just saying things to try and see how far he could go and that he wasn't really trying to be funny. To me it seemed that his comedy approach was more, "I'm feeling mean, I don't care about you, and let me tell you exactly what I think about you" than the usual "I'm happy and I'm poking fun at you because I like you." The latter is funny and people feel like they're part of the joke whereas the former is just mean. I felt that he sucked all of the energy out of the event every time he stepped on stage.

I hope that the rest of the awards shows this season are better than last night's show. They could be worse, I guess, but I'm really hoping that the hosts will be funny and less negative in their jokes. And I beg the powers that be to keep Justin Bieber away from all of the movie and tv award shows.

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manchester fat acceptance said...

Bieb-wagon? BIEB-WAGON? oh lordy that gave me the lulz. needless to say, i am in the wrong demographic to be climbing on any Bieb-wagons.

can't wait for the red carpet assessment!