Sunday, January 23, 2011

A little bit of sewing

Over at Ian's work they built a photo booth - like the ones you see in the mall, where you get four pictures for a dollar or two - to create memories for someone who is leaving. They needed a curtain for the entry area and Ian promised to make one over the weekend.

Since Ian spent a lot of time actually constructing the photo booth, I became the designated curtain-maker. This is the first bit of sewing I've done in months - a simple curtain with header, buttonholes for hooks, side seams, and hem. I haven't sewn in so long that it took longer than it should have but that's ok.

I didn't set up my sewing room to sew this curtain since it's not ready. Instead I set up a temporary sewing station in the large basement room where the previous owner's pool table used to be, because there are extra lights there. It wasn't an optimal setup but it worked for a one-off sewing project.

In some ways I'd love to do some more sewing - I keep looking at fabric online and thinking of projects - but I'm seriously lacking in time until April. You see, I'm taking a silversmithing course starting next Wednesday evening until mid-April. I've got my book club every other week until April, I'll be at my suicide bereavement group every Tuesday starting in a couple of weeks until April (if they'll let me attend even though I have to miss the first session), and I have my counselling every week or two for forever. I don't feel completely overwhelmed (yet), but it wouldn't take much more to do it.

So even though I want to do some sewing I won't have time for it for a couple of months. Maybe by then we'll have actually fixed up my sewing room, if I can find the time to help Ian do that.

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