Sunday, May 02, 2010

Time for some change

Today's weather was strange: it was a combination of really humid but not too warm, with a steady breeze/light wind. It smelled so nice out because the flowers and trees are blooming and it wasn't really hot. So we went for a walk around the neighbourhood, exploring streets we didn't know. It turns out that there are some really nice areas right around here - and there are even houses that might work for us!

We also talked about the amount of cooking I don't do. Ian works every day and I'm just sitting around on my butt most of the time (although I want to do some sewing this month). It makes sense that I'd be the one to make dinner most nights... but I don't. Or if I do, it's some frozen processed meal. I don't even do the dishes often enough, which isn't right, either.

One reason that I don't cook much is that I don't really know what to make; I get overwhelmed by the possibilities. Most of our dinners are mixed together, like pasta with sauce or a stir-fry or curry. The kind of dinner each of us grew up with was more separate, with a type of meat, at least one vegetabl, and a starch. For some reason, Ian and I rarely cook that way, in part because we don't have many vegetables or meat that can stand alone.

That's going to change. We both need to eat better with more vegetables and less processed food so it's time that I actually stepped up to the plate and tried to make proper meals. Ian went grocery shopping and bought a bunch of fresh stuff for me to use. I figure that if I decide the night before what I'm making next day I won't be as overwhelmed and I'll be able to follow through on this plan.


Anonymous said...

I always tried to plan ahead like you are doing. Takes some of the stress out of having to cook.

A good resource if you are going to try to eat better is the Canada Food Guide. In the latest edition, they've made a change putting potatoes into the fruit and veggie section and grains have a section all their own.

As a visual, your plate should be 1/2 fruits and veggies, 1/4 protein and 1/4 grains.

Good luck!
Love, Mom

manchester fat acceptance said...

i don't plan my dinners ahead very well, because i always change my mind as to what i want to eat. many people have a set of dishes that they make over and over, but i get bored easily.

when i am at a loss as to what to cook, i have found that it helps to start with a single ingredient. for instance if i have a pork chop i research recipes with that ingredient, then i refine it according to what other ingredients i have available.

sometimes it tastes horrid, and sometimes it is really good. but researching recipes helps me to decide what direction to take.


Robin said...

J is an extremely picky eater and always has been. If he likes something then he will hate it if it's served more than once a month. Over the past 13 years I've tried several things in making menus.

Let's see...I have been known to make entire meal plans for two whole weeks and buy all the ingredients for those meals. Then I get tired and overwhelmed and don't feel like making what I planned out and have mac & cheese or something.

Or, I make a trip to Safeway immediately after work and skulk about the meat section to see what grabs me.

Or, I sit in front of the computer searching for easy recipes that I haven't tried yet, print a few and try one or two a week.

I always have certain things on hand like spaghetti, frozen seasoned chicken breasts, soup, and hamburger for the days when I feel lazy :)