Sunday, May 23, 2010

A relaxing early summer day

There aren't just two baby chipmunks out there - there are THREE!!! They're co cute, playing around in the brugmansia pots back there, or trying to climb the patio door or screen. We could watch them play for hours, although they don't do anything cute when we're trying to film them.

We also drove around looking at different neighbourhoods in the city to get an idea of what they're like. It turns out that in most areas there'll be a street or two that we would like but most of the areas aren't so right for us. Since it was a nice afternoon, we were also able to go for a walk in a city park we'd never explored.

After we got home, while Ian played his new video game (Red Dead Redemption, an open-world, wild west game that's pretty good so far), I managed to finish altering the easier pattern. The final product of my alterations looks right to me so hopefully it'll look right when it's sewn up. I hope to cut out the pattern tomorrow and see how it fits. If the adjustments work, then I'll go ahead and make the same adjustments to the other pattern. I'm excited about this and hope that it works out. I haven't figured out exactly what fabric I'll use but I have plenty of choices.

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chipper-chipper-chipmunks SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!