Monday, May 03, 2010

Thinking about sewing

Thanks for all of your thoughts and ideas about meal-planning; I appreciate it. I'm not very domestic, as you probably know, so this is all a new world for me. Back in the day, women were trained to be domestic goddesses and the better they were at it, the more they were valued. It's a good thing I wasn't born into that world because I don't think I'd have made it there.

I'd planned to clean up my upstairs work table today but I didn't get a chance. I needed to pick up a prescription and after I walked to the drug store it was so nice that I went for a longer walk. One awesome thing about Waterloo is the community trail system. It's possible to walk almost everywhere without being being on public roads which makes for a very nice walk. This time of year is especially nice for walking because the leaves are coming out and the flowers are blooming.

Anyways, I ended up walking for over an hour so I didn't get a chance to clean up. I haven't totally decided what I want to sew first, although I know that I want a dress of some kind. I did receive this pattern today that I'd love to make up but I'm not sure it would suit me.
Vogue Paris Original 1751, 1960s.
This is a highly collectible pattern, and I paid more for it than I'd like to, but I love it. Really, it's just a sheath dress with a half-circle drape over the right shoulder but somehow it just looks so gorgeous. I think I like it with a chiffon drape, as in the smaller pictures, but an organza drape like in the red would be more dramatic. Actually, that red drape is a crepe or something similar; organza would be sheer like chiffon and fall into dramatic cones.

What do you think of this pattern? Am I dreaming that it could work for me?

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