Saturday, May 01, 2010

Still looking for a house

We went to see a house today that we'd hoped might be right for us. Based on the pictures, the house appeared to be everything we want - spacious, a large kitchen, walk-in closets, and more. The house was over our price range, although not by as much as the previous house we went to see, and if it turned out that this place was perfect we might have been able to stretch our budget for it. For example, we could delay the purchase of furniture for a while. As well, each month we don't find a house means more money saved up for the down payment.

Sadly (or fortunately?) the place wasn't perfect. One of the downspouts on the house went to the flower garden in front and didn't appear to drain from there. In the streetview of the house, that downspout was extended across the path, blocking it. The house was beside a community path and they'd fenced the side of the house (in a wavy line) but not the back.

The inside of the house was gorgeous but the main floor layout was weird. The kitchen was at the front of the house to the right of the foyer, which was weird because it didn't have room for an eat-in table and it wasn't connected to the dining room. To the left of the foyer was a bedroom which overlooked the street. The rest of the main floor was mostly the living/dining room. It was a good size but having a dining room table in there was weird because the kitchen wasn't nearby.

We did like the basement which was fully finished into two separate areas: an area for living and one with a bedroom. The entry to the basement was in the laundry room and could be closed off, which we like. Being able to shut away the noise from the basement is a good thing.

After seeing the house, we went for a walk around our own neighbourhood and found a bunch of houses that, from the outside, meet our requirements. I don't know what those places would sell for, but there's a chance that some might be in our price range.

The search continues...

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PussDaddy said...

Keep looking. Don't settle for something you know is way wrong for you. The right one will come along.