Friday, May 28, 2010

Movie night and my incision

Tonight, Ian and some other guys got to move some furniture around at a friend's place and their reward was to watch a chick flick: Valentine's Day. It doesn't sound like much of a reward, does it? The guys didn't think so, either, but they watched the movie anyways.

We were surprised at how funny and generally good the movie was. It was actually fairly entertaining, if a little predictable. The story is about how a number of interconnected people celebrate or hate Valentine's Day. Some are happy, some not; some find love and friends, some don't; in the end, all the stories are resolved and almost everyone ends up happy. The movie is quite long at just over two hours but doesn't feel as long as it is. This, plus the fact that everyone (including the guys) laughed during the movie tells you that this is an ok movie.

If this movie happens to be on, go ahead and see it. There are much worse movies you can watch.

Before we went to the movie, I'd had a non-soaking bath and a nap. When I got up I found that the dressing covering my incision was soaked. I must have been sweating after the bath and it collected in the gauze.

We decided that leaving the wet gauze on the incision would be a bad idea so we took it off and put a new dressing on it. If there were steri-strips on the incision the dressing could have stayed off but of course those cause welts on me so it's better to keep the dressing on. Hopefully keeping the dressing on longer will mean that the scar won't be as bad as some of my other scars. This is actually a concern because this incision is HUGE!

Yes, it's huge. Ian says that it looks like they carved another mouth for me just below my collarbones, and he's right. The incision 3" long, which is wider than my mouth is (the "small mouth" comments aren't totally unfounded, you see). I'd love for this scar to fade away and be unnoticeable, especially since it's in such a visible spot. I do have exactly one surgical scar that's almost completely unnoticeable: the lumpectomy scar from 2006. I'm hoping that keeping the dressing on and then not soaking the incision in the bath until after the stitches dissolve will prevent the usual ugly scar from forming as it heals.

At least this incision gives me a built-in costume for Halloween: Frankenstein! All I'll need to do is draw a line all the way around my neck and draw in some extra stitches. Perfect!

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PussDaddy said...

Yeah I think you all got ripped off on the movie aspect of this, IMHO. Maybe try some of that scar fading cream once you heal and maybe that will help. I have never used it myself. Please don't forget to write "cut here" when you draw that around your neck. :-)
Have a wonderful memorial day weekend, I am going to be busy until Monday myself.