Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunny days are here again!

Spring has finally returned. We had warm spring temperatures a couple of weeks ago and then it went and got cold. I wasn't able to go out walking because it was so cold and rainy and awful, which hasn't helped my mood. I find that I'm more emotionally even when I'm able to go outside and get some sun and see the flowers and trees blooming.

Fortunately, today and the rest of the week is looking all spring-like and sunny and warm and awesome. I'll definitely be going out for walks each day. In fact, we went for a big long walk today to get outside, explore the neighbourhood, and go to see a "for sale by owner" open house.

The house was a two-story with a bedroom and three-piece bathroom on the main floor, which is a layout that could work for us, but the house just wasn't right for us. The kids there had done some cute things, like put up a sign on the front door with a drawing of a house and some stars and the caption "open house here". We also saw the kids put the "Open House" signs up, which was cute.

Because the sun is getting stronger and we're going to be out walking in it more often, I think it's time to invest in some new sunscreen. Ian prefers the spray stuff but of the five different kinds in the store, three are sealed and so I can't smell them. We're both really sensitive to smells and when sunscreen smells it bothers us a lot. I guess we could buy the other sunscreens (at between $12-$18 each), smell them, and return them if they smell bad. I wish I could just smell a tester so that I don't have to go through all of that rigamarole. Maybe I can explain my position to them and see what they say.

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