Monday, May 17, 2010

My patterns are here!

The patterns I ordered arrived today! I'm so excited - I can hardly wait to get started sewing. These ones are my favourite:
Vogue 8648
Vogue 1086
The difference between these two patterns is mostly in fabric weight: the first pattern needs a fabric that has slightly more body than the second. I've bought a lot of fabric over the years so I have a ton of fabric that will work with the one or the other pattern. 

Both patterns are very suitable for my body type because they create a waist and, depending on colour choice, can elongate my body. I can hardly wait to get started making these patterns. I think I'm going to start with the second one (Vogue 1086) and make it up in this fabric that I love, with plain black fabric for the midriff, binding, and maybe the yoke:

I also have a ton of jersey fabric. I mean a TON, in a variety of patterns and colours. I bought a few patterns that use jersey fabric and I think I'll start by making this dress:
Vogue 1091
It's a very simple dress and I know that it can look ok on me. The key will be to add a bit of a waist that the pattern currently lacks; I might also need to add a seam in the back so that the dress isn't so shapeless back there. Even so, this is a simple silhouette that will be easy to make up and will be easy and comfortable to wear.

I'm so excited and I'm really looking forward to doing some sewing in the next little while.


Amy Lynn said...

Will you have any of these pretties done to wear in AC??? I love that top pattern. That style is good for my shape too, so I may check out that pattern. Do you have a harder time getting patterns in Canada? If you ever need me to pick some up for you when Joan's has a $1 sale on them (vogue usually $2), let me know!!

Thinking of you!! Glad to see you are getting to sewing. I am hoping to get a couple of tops done for me this week. :-) Love ya!!

Chantelle said...

I'm definitely hoping to get at least one or two done for AC :)

I didn't know they went on sale for that cheap there! I bought these ones online because there was a sale but sometimes they go on sale at the local fabric store.

I hope you bring some of those new tops to AC! I can't wait to see you!

Robin said...

Photos! We'll need photos of your new dresses :)